What is Diamond Maps?

Diamond Maps is a cloud based GIS designed for
water and wastewater systems to help them keep track of
their infrastructure.

Those starting from scratch love how easy it is to plot
valve locations and draw pipes on the rich Google
imagery backdrop. Existing GIS users move their data
to Diamond Maps because they love how their team
can all manage pictures and notes. Users can edit the
map from any phone, tablet or PC.

And best of all it only costs $19/month*.

 *19/month for one user. Unlimited users are determined by each municipality 

Work Orders

-Work orders allow municipalities to organize and maintain repairs, routine tasks and special projects.

-A history is maintained for the ability to export a spreadsheet of all past and current work orders. Orders can be set to reoccurring so they can be completed each day, week, month, or year.

-Employees can receive and complete work orders on mobile phones or tablets

-Work orders allow you to assign each task to a specific employee

Loved by small & medium sized systems across the country!

“To say we are in love with this is an understatement”

-Michelle H, Midwest Water Group

“I showed my map to the council last night, they were impressed!”

-Jamie T, Greenwood WI

“Invalueable! Best tool out there for any size system period”

-Randall W, Sunny Hills FL

“It’s user friendly and as handy as the pocket in my shirt”

-Frank O, Platte MO

Whats the next step for me?

Let’s set you up with a 30 day free trial! Click the button down below to get started.

-Draw points, lines, and areas. Take control of your GIS by giving your front line staff the ability to do adds and changes. All changes instantly appear on everyone else’s screen

-Import and Export Shapefiles, CSV, KMZ and Geodatabases. Control editing permissions.

-Click on anything you see on the map for details. Customize each form with dates, pick lists, and even calculations.

-Create or import layers for any purpose.

  • -Parcels
  • -Leaks
  • -Cross Connections
  • -Water Meters
  • -Valves
  • -Manholes
  • -Hydrants
  • -Curb stops

-Pictures you take in the field are uploaded to our server. Mark on them in pic editor or attach other documents like manufacturer specs

-Add a note to the history log everytime you flush a hydrant, exercise a valve, inspect a manhole, etc. All your pictures and notes in one place available to everyone on your team

On the go?

-Take your maps with you anywhere

-Runs in your browser on any phone, tablet or PC with internet

-Nothing to install or backup

-New data added by one person is instantly available to all users belonging to your account