Do you have time to do all this to your data?

If not, Total Mapping Solutions data professionals are here to do it for you

There are five major skills to proper data management that we achive:

  • Looking and Analyzing the data
    • The ability to use data effectively to improve programs, including looking at lists and summaries, looking for patterns, analyzing results, and making presentations to others. Includes familiarity with the data available; knowledge of the goals of the program; and willingness to explore creative approaches to using data.
  • Navigating the database software you’re importing the data into
    • Knowing how to use database software to find records, sort, review, edit, print, and other functions. Knowing how to use built-in forms and reports in a database. Exploring the software and learning various functions and features. Writing queries and reports using available tools; copying data into Excel or other formats for further analysis.
  • Data Integrity
    • Understanding definitions, program guidelines, and sources of data. Developing clear channels of communication. Reviewing data and working with colleagues to make sure that data is accurate. Being aware of potential weaknesses in the data when analyzing and using the data.
  • Managing Accounts and Files
    • Keeping track of online accounts and helping others to keep track of their accounts, usernames and passwords. Knowing how to organize files and folders on a computer or network. Knowing how to copy, move, upload or download files and photos; understanding how to use email to send attachments.
  • Database Design and Planning
    • Understanding database design concepts, including “relational database design” concepts (table structure; one-to-many relationships). Understanding the benefits and limits of various types of databases, including PC and online databases. Ability to participate in short-term and long-term planning about database projects and to decide how to efficiently store and analyze various types of data.

TMS will carefully organize and analyze all data for accuracy, consistency, and reliability.

With every project Total Mapping Solutions provides a flash drive and a printed workbook with all of your data so you can access it whenever you'd like.

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